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Prescription Ordering Direct

The NHS Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) service is an easy way for you to order your repeat prescription by telephone.

The NHS POD is operated by GYWCCG and has dedicated call handlers, trained to take requests for repeat prescriptions.

Initially, there will be four GP practices in Great Yarmouth & Waveney CCG signed up to the POD service. Patients registered at these four practices will be able to call a dedicated number to order their repeat prescription.

The first GP practice to go live in April was Bungay Medical Centre, if you are a patient registered with this practice you can call the NHS POD to order your repeat medication on the number below:

Tel 01502 718615

The next practice to go live will be High Street Surgery on 8 May.

 Please note, requests will not be taken for acute medications or urgent prescriptions.


The three remaining practices will be announced within the coming weeks.

Patients are advised to:

  • Please check your medication cupboard before ordering
  • We ask patients to order their prescription when they have 7 days of medication left
  • If you have a build-up of medication please let us know so that we can adjust the quantities so that everything falls in line.
  • Please do not order ‘just in case’. If you need medication in the future then you will still be able to request it.
  • Let us know if you have stopped taking any of your medication.

Please Click here to view the POD leaflet for more details about the service.

The NHS Prescription Ordering Direct (POD) service is provided, on behalf of your GP practice by NHS Gt Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (GYWCCG).

Telephone lines are open between 9.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Outside of these hours if you have difficulty accessing the service please request a call back by clicking on this link.


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