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Clinical involvement

Involving our local clinicians in setting and achieving our strategic goals and objectives is vital to our success. Clinicians (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists etc) provide frontline services to our patients and public engagement cannot go ahead without agreement for developments being achieved with local clinicians first.

All GP Practices are members of NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG. We have a quarterly members meeting led by the Chief Officer and Chair to encourage practices to play a full part in  the unique clinical view on which clinical commissioning is founded.

The work of our Clinical Commissioning Committee
Our Clinical Commissioning Committee (CCC) is led by the chair and reports to the board. The CCC makes sure there is clinical input into all areas of our work, promoting clinical engagement and acting as a governance structure to make sure there is clinical input into new and existing services which reflect best practice and value for money. Its membership includes clinicians.

Seeking member practices views
Our GP practices in Great Yarmouth and Waveney are all members of the CCG, and critical to our success. We’re focused on member practices being closely involved in decision making and we’ve published our Practice Charter. We have strong GP and practice manager representation on our CCC and on the board. Alongside this we have our regular Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Leads Forum, where a representative from every practice attends, and our monthly PTL (Protected Time for Learning) sessions, plus our practice manager meetings and a range of regular informal practice visits.

We now have ten retained clinicians (GPs and Nurses) working with us. This is a tremendously valuable resource to help us with commissioning decision making, and being clear on our commissioning intentions, both now and in the next couple of years.

Our Programme Boards
Our five Programme Boards have extensive clinical engagement from a wide range of providers and are actively influencing commissioning intentions, with service user and carer representation. These Boards are led by clinicians and they are developing locally sensitive clinical pathways which reflect clinical and cost effectiveness and will ensure the delivery of our local health challenges.

Our Programme Boards are:

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