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Why do we have Retained Clinicians?

A vital part of our clinical commissioning team is a dedicated group of GPs and nurses from a variety of practices. Our team work on all aspects of clinical commissioning, from designing services, engaging clinicians, reviewing services and quality assurance, including working with our patient engagement groups, and providing clinical input into scrutinising our contracts. They work across all of our programmes and workstreams – urgent care, planned care, mental health and learning disabilities, children, young people and maternity, cancer and end of life, and medicines management.

The CCG believes that clinical commissioning works best when clinicians and managers work together. The relationship between our retained clinicians and management staff is at the heart of our commissioning agenda. All of our programme leads have relationships with specific retained clinicians with whom they work on projects and programmes. While the clinicians may work across programmes, they will always have the support and guidance of a managerial lead to make sure their time is productively used and we make the most of their leadership.

Those GPs who are accredited trainers, are actively engaged in the training and development of Doctors on the GP training scheme wishing to become GPs.

We're looking for more retained clinicians.

Paul Berry

Dr Paul Berry

Retained GP providing support for Kirkley Mill Surgery

Dr Paul Berry leads on Planned Care with Rachel Leeds and her team, including working with the CQUIN team, and prescribing with Michael Dennis. Paul, Chairs Waveney Prescribing Leads and represents the CCG at the Drugs Individual Funding Requests Panel.






Sarah Flindall

Dr Sarah Flindall

Retained GP based at East Norfolk Medical Practice, Great Yarmouth

Dr Sarah Flindall works alongside Trish Hagan on Childrens, Young People and Maternity servicesfor one session a week on a Tuesday. Sarah is a partner at East Norfolk Medical Practice, works with out of hours as a GP and is a fully accredited trainer. She is currently teaching Year 4 Medical Students from the UEA and is an LMC representative for Great Yarmouth and Waveney.






Dave Mconnell

Dr David McConnell

Retained GP based at East Norfolk Medical Practice, Great Yarmouth

Dr Dave McConnell is the CCG’s clinical and governance lead for 111 services and works with Martin Ferguson providing clinical and quality scrutiny for the Out of Hours Contract and Caller Review Groups. He is the CCG’s lead for pathology. Dave is a partner at East Norfolk Medical Practice and the Training Programme Director for Broadland GP Speciality Training Programme. Dave is also a fully accredited trainer.






Tansi Parker

Tansi Parker

Retained Nurse based at Falkland Surgery, Bradwell

Tansi Parker works alongside Cath Byford and Rachel Leeds, providing clinical support across a variety of areas including community services and women's health. She also works with the UEA to bring student nurses into General Practice for 2nd year placements in Great Yarmouth and Waveney. Tansi completed her NHS Frontline leadership programme this summer and is a practice nurse at Falkland Surgery, working for one session a week, usually on a Wednesday or Friday with the CCG.





Ardyn Ross

Dr Ardyn Ross

Retained GP based at East Norfolk Medical Practice, Great Yarmouth

Dr Ardyn Ross works closely with Kim Harvey, as well as NSFT’s Medical Director and other MH Leads for two sessions a week on a Tuesday. Ardyn is a partner at Gorleston Medical Centre, Chair of the Mental Health Board, Dementia Lead for Norfolk CCGs and has led clinical reviews across many of our services, including eating disorders, MIND, Carlton Court and Kirkley Cliff. She also works with NSFT undertaking mock CQC inspections.





Dr Helen McCall

Dr Helen McCall

Retained GP based at the Coastal Village Partnership, Great Yarmouth.

Dr Helen McCall works with John Byrne, providing clinical leadership across both Cancer and End of Life Care for one session a week with the CCG on a Thursday. Helen combines her RGP role with the role of Macmillan GP Facilitator for Great Yarmouth & Waveney. Helen is a partner at Millwood Surgery.






Lucie Barker

Dr Lucie Barker

Retained GP and partner at the Rosedale Surgery

Dr Lucie Barker is the CCG lead for Out of Hospital Teams, Beds with Care (including clinical service reviews) with Jane Hackett and Emma Bray and is also leading on the development work for IVs in the community. She also supports Myles around respiratory transformational work with Emma Bray. Lucie is a partner at Rosedale Surgery. Lucie works one session a week, usually on a Tuesday morning.






Dr Tamer Okasha

Retained GP at Rosedale Surgery, Lowestoft.

Dr Okasha has a wide range of experience and current roles include: a part-time partner at Rosedale Surgery, Lowestoft, consultant at Accident and Emergency at the James Paget University Hospital, and Curriculum Support Tutor at UEA.




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