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Improved access to primary care

NHS England has launched a new scheme which means that from 1 October 2018, every patient will have improved access to general practice services. This means that we are introducing routine appointments at evenings and weekends for all Great Yarmouth and Waveney patients. All GP practices are able to book their patients into the sessions below:

How you helped us shape the new service

In November/December 2017 we asked patients across Great Yarmouth and Waveney for their views on improved access to primary care. This survey helped us to evidence that there is a demand for improved access to primary care.

Great Yarmouth and Waveney headlines:

• A total of 495 patients completed the online or hard copy survey

• 45% patients find it easy to book an appointment at a time that suits them compared to 40% who do not

• 44% patients think it’s important to be able to book an appointment at evenings and weekends

• 67% patients would be happy to see a clinician from another practice

• In terms of timing of appointments, there is a strong demand for appointments before 8 am and after 6 pm

• On weekends, patients would prefer to book appointments during the morning

• 60% patients drive to their appointments and 47% would be willing to travel up to 30 mins for an appointment

• 55% would not want an online consultation

• 70% of the patients who responded to the survey were female

Demand for appointments at evenings or weekend was evident for nearly half of those who responded although there is a significant number who neither agreed nor disagreed with the statement. The majority of patients who engaged wished to see a pharmacist in addition to a GP or clinician.

It was clear that seeing a clinician from another practice should not be a barrier to patients accessing these appointments. The greatest demand was evident in Great Yarmouth followed with Gorleston and Lowestoft.

Despite patients from South Waveney reporting the lowest score for being able to book a suitable appointment, the locality showed the lowest demand for evening and weekend appointments.

The way that we deliver improved access to primary care is defined nationally but these results have been kept in mind when developing the service locally

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