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Joint Strategic Commissioning Committee

Joint Strategic Commissioning Committee (JSCC) is a new meeting that brings together the five NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Norfolk and Waveney. JSCC aims to coordinate the commissioning of NHS services for patients across Norfolk and Waveney and streamline decision-making processes.

JSCC considers issues brought to it by CCGs. Whilst JSCC has some delegated powers, it is a formal sub-committee of each CCG. Each CCG remains a statutory body, with locally-focused clinical commissioning at the heart of everything they do.

JSCC meetings are held in public every two months. Voting members are the Clinical Chairs and Chief Officers of each CCG, a registered nurse member, secondary care doctor representative, a finance lead and three lay members drawn from the CCG Governing Bodies.

Colleagues from Norfolk County Council including social care and public health are also invited to attend. The JSCC will take questions from members of the public at the end of each meeting, which must be in relation to items that have been on the agenda.

JSCC is a committee, not an organisation, so if you wish to contact somebody about an agenda item, please contact the relevant CCG. If it is an administrative issue about the committee, you can email the JSCC admin team.

The agenda and papers will be available to download a week before each meeting. You will be able to view these here