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AGM highlights

Being rated as ‘good’ and the success of the early intervention vehicle were just two of the highlights of the annual meeting of NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG on Thursday evening. 

Melanie Craig, chief officer, explained that the CCG had previously been rated as ‘inadequate’ but within 12 months was now rated as ‘good’ by NHS England in its annual assessment. 

During the meeting, people also heard about the CCG’s finances and the way local services have performed over the past 12 months. The work of the early intervention vehicle (EIV), which has seen ambulance and therapy staff join forces to put the right support in place to keep people at home following a 999 call, was also showcased.

In the seven months of the EIV in Great Yarmouth and Waveney, it is estimated that it has:
• Saved 370 double staffed ambulance attendances
• Saved 285 conveyances to hospital
• Saved 255 emergency department attendances
• Saved 78 unplanned hospital admissions
• Saved 708 bed days

The EIV will be operating seven days a week from October. 

Melanie Craig,chief officer said: “The EIV has been a great success. Most people do not want to go into hospital unnecessarily and the EIV has enabled many people to stay at home if this is appropriate. 

Julie Robinson who works on the EIV said: “I get a great deal of satisfaction from working on the EIV, we are able to help people quickly and help them to stay at home.”

The AGM heard that our local priorities for this year are:

- Improving mental health services
- Better support for diabetes
- Improved end of life services
- Supporting GP practices to be more resilient.  

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