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Children's mental health

he higher spending areas.


Over the last two years spend per head on universal and targeted mental health services for children and young people has increased by nearly a third and is now more than double the regional average (£11.97 for the 2018/19 year). Separate to this, there has also been an extra £1.3m of investment into eating disorders services for children and young people.

We completely agree with the Children’s Commissioner that there needs to be even more focus on helping children and young people earlier, to prevent more serious health problems from developing.

That’s why we recently started work to transform children and young people’s mental health services within the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership. This brings together all of those working across mental health in Norfolk and Waveney so that we can create a joined-up system that delivers the very best for our children.

Together, we will be developing services for those aged up to 25, with a focus on early support and well-being. As part of this, we expect there to be more support within homes and schools.

Recent reports into children’s mental health services in Norfolk have also highlighted several strengths in practice in Norfolk, not least the dedicated, caring and compassionate staff working across mental health and children’s services. We want to give them the environment to make the biggest difference for families and we know that change is needed to achieve that.

Figures relating to CCG and NCC spend on ‘Tier 1 and 2 CAMHS’ otherwise known as universal and targeted CAMHS:

2016/17 - £1,728,719 = £9.08 per head aged 0-17 in Norfolk & Waveney
2017/18 - £2,192,794 = £11.51 per head aged 0-17 in Norfolk & Waveney
2018/19 - £2,279,521 = £11.97 per head aged 0-17 in Norfolk & Waveney

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