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GP Careers Plus

GP Careers Plus Scheme - Information And Contacts

Are you an experienced GP looking to leave or have left your permanent commitment but still wanting to provide a service?

Are you a GP looking for a more flexible approach to your working hours/location to provide you with that well-needed work-life balance?

Are you looking for a change or the exposure to different working environments within primary care?

If any of these apply to you “GP careers plus” may be the perfect approach for you!

We recognise the invaluable expertise and skills we have across our local community and have found a way to support this as well as the individuals, to continue to provide optimum health care, by working with our local practices and the professionals involved.

More about the scheme

What is GP Careers Plus?

GP Careers Plus provides an opportunity for GPs wanting to leave permanent employment and the commitment of partnership/ salaried roles but who want to keep a hand in clinical practice. It can also support Mid-career GP’s who require flexibility within their working pattern as well as a potential for New GP’s who are undecided where they would like to work and realise the model of independent locum due to some possible lack or support and team may not be appropriate for them. It provides the flexibility around choice of practices and sessions to model your work as you require.

What is the employment model?

The GP would operate as a self-employed locum general practitioner the Practice at the Practice Premises after MOU’s are signed for both parties and a locum agreement completed (forms can be sent on request)

They will receive a rate of £80 per hour paid by the practice and any pension contributions arranged when invoicing.

Each GP signed up to the scheme will receive £500 training fund for Appraisal, CPD or other educational needs, reimbursement for their GMC registration and also receive indemnity cover until April 2019 after which registration will still be supported based on the national framework. The GP will also have links to the training hub to support any other training and development as well as updates from the Primary care teams communicated.

For any further information on the scheme, to attend any engagement events or to speak with GPs already enrolled in the scheme please contact-Lauren Emmerson, STP Primary care workforce coordinator on 01502 719978 or