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Book an annual health check

People with learning disabilities and their carers are being urged to make sure they visit their GP for an annual health check as part of a new national campaign which aims to improve access to care.


Help the NHS to help you

Patients are being urged to help the NHS to help them by using healthcare services wisely over the Easter weekend.


Individual funding for NHS treatment

There is some treatment available through the NHS that is not automatically available for all patients. This might be funding for a specific kind of drug or for cosmetic surgery.

If a patient feels they have a need for a certain kind of treatment that is not “routinely funded” through the NHS they will need to talk to their doctor or another clinician about this.

If that health professional feels there is a clinical need for the procedure, this has to be approved by a group called the Individual Funding Request (IFR) Panel.

This panel is a joint panel between HealthEast and the four other Norfolk CCGs made up of experts including clinicians who look at each application on a case by case basis. The panel review each individual case, which is anonymous to them, and assess the application and whether there is a need. The panel assesses whether the treatment is both clinically and cost effective.

HealthEast has a policy in place for Individual Funding Requests (IFR). This policy describes the process for making decisions about individual funding requests.

There are several clinical policies and statements for specialised services commissioning relating to individual funding for specialised services.

As part of our IFR policy, the CCG has policies on non routine treatments and treatment thresholds, new medicines and fertility services commissioning policy.

For further information about IFRs please call 01502 719500 and ask to speak to

The CCG has an information leaflet ‘Your treatment and individual funding’ to further assist you with any queries. 

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