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Book an annual health check

People with learning disabilities and their carers are being urged to make sure they visit their GP for an annual health check as part of a new national campaign which aims to improve access to care.


Help the NHS to help you

Patients are being urged to help the NHS to help them by using healthcare services wisely over the Easter weekend.


Personal Health Budgets (PHB)


The aim of a personal health budget is to give you choice, flexibility and control over how your health and well-being needs are met. You will know how much money you have so you can plan and budget for your care. You don’t have to have a personal health budget if you don’t want one – it’s completely voluntary.

After a successful 3 year pilot programme, the NHS is introducing personal health budgets across England. Personal health budgets are a payment made by the NHS directly to a person to purchase services and support for their care needs. They are initially available for people with long term conditions or disabilities, who are in receipt of continuing health care and live in their own home.

Since April 2014 people with continuing health care have had the “right to ask” for a personal health budget, including a direct payment and the “right to have” one from October 2014. HealthEast's plan for the future is for anyone who could benefit from a personal health budget to be able to ask for one.

Further information along with stories of how people have benefitted from a personal health budget can be found at

HealthEast's Personal Health Budgets Team can provide guidance and support to set up and run a personal health budget.


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