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Your PPG toolkit

Your PPG toolkit

In the sections below we have developed a PPG toolkit area to support PPGs to set up and support them to continue to develop and attract new members.

Getting more PPG members

Sometimes getting people to join PPGs can be a struggle because it is a volunteer role. There are some things you can do to help encourage more people to join and take part:

  • Advertise – put posters in the waiting room, on community notice boards, in the library, even in your local pub! You can use our PPG poster and poster for practices with a virtual PPG.
  • Use your practice electronic message board if you have one.
  • Write a short article for your local paper and your local parish magazine. You can use our draft article.
  • Ask your fellow staff and patients to spread the word.
  • Use incentives to get people to meetings such as free refreshments like healthy smoothies, a talk on first aid, blood pressure checks or a tour of the surgery.
  • Consider holding PPG meetings at different times so that they are accessible for all.
  • Visit local community group meetings to talk about the PPG, the work you do and how they can get involved.
  • Use your practice clinics to hold a ‘recruitment roadshow’ i.e. flu clinics; well woman or man clinics; carers groups.
  • Ask your practice if you can have a PPG page on the practice website
  • Ask your practice if they can add a section on the PPG to the new patient registration form or give out information about the PPG at the same time as they give out the forms.
  • Ask your practice for a PPG noticeboard area.
  • Develop a recruitment pack, Bungay PPG have shared their recruitment pack for you to use below:

Bungay recruitment letter

Bungay job description

Bungay person spec

Bungay interview

Being representative!

Some PPGs may find it hard to get a membership that is representative of their local population. However, a PPG is there to make sure that the patient voice is listened to not necessarily always to be the voice itself. There are a number of things you can do:

  • Be proactive about getting out into the community to canvass opinions
  • If you are concerned that you are not getting the views of a certain group within your local population then make a special effort to find ways to reach them. Attend their meetings and ask their views on important issues or ask their community leaders the best way to get their views.
  • Remember to make sure that you try and contact a diverse range of people, so that you get the views of people for example, from other ethnic communities, the travelling community, those with disabilities, gay people and those whose first language is not English.
  • Think about setting up a virtual PPG!