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Public engagement

Proposal to merge the 5 CCGs in Norfolk and Waveney

The five Clinical Commissioning Groups in Norfolk and Waveney are considering coming together into one merged CCG. We have considered this very carefully and believe there are very clear advantages to our patient population, member practices, partners, and to our staff.

It is proposed to apply for a merger this autumn, with the intention of becoming NHS Norfolk and Waveney CCG by April of next year.

If this proceeds, the CCGs’ Governing Bodies say it is vital to safeguard our strengths, with locally-focused commissioning of health services and strong leadership and guidance from doctors and nurses.

What do you think? (Survey now closed)

Please have your say:

The survey is open until September 6th 2019. More info 

You can read the feedback reports here.

Personal Wheelchair Budgets 
NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG who commission NHS services and East Coast Community Healthcare CIC who deliver community health services in this area (including the wheelchair service), are hosting two events (one in Great Yarmouth and one in Waveney) to support the roll-out of Personal Wheelchair Budgets (PWB) and to help people understand what this means for them.

The events are free to attend and whether you are a wheelchair user, carer or work in a related service or organisation we want to encourage you to come along to one of the events to find out about the changes.
If you work in a related service or organisation and cover both Great Yarmouth and Waveney, we encourage you to attend both days.

Lunch and refreshments will be provided on the day along with a detailed agenda.

Book the Great Yarmouth Event 

Book the Waveney Event

Sole Bay Health Centre engagement

When Sole Bay health centre was developed in 2014 an area of land next to it was left clear so that it could be developed at a later date into a care home.

Since then NHS Property Services have been trying to sell the land to prospective care home developers, however, none had come forward. In March 2017 the CCG held two engagement events to ask the public in Southwold and Reydon about their views on an alternative use for the land.

The report from those engagement exercises is available here

The Governing Body paper which shows how the engagement influenced the Governing Body decision is available here



Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) need to have strong relationships with a range of health and care partners in order to be successful commissioners within the local system. These relationships provide CCGs with on-going information, advice and knowledge to help them make the best possible commissioning decisions.

The CCG 360 stakeholder survey is a key part of ensuring these strong relationships are in place. The survey allows stakeholders to provide feedback on working relationships with CCGs. The results from the survey will serve two purposes:

To provide a wealth of data for CCGs to help with their on-going organisational development, enabling them to continue to build strong and productive relationships with stakeholders. The findings can provide a valuable tool for all CCGs to be able to evaluate their progress and inform their organisational decisions.

To feed into assurance conversations between NHS England sub-regions and CCGs. The survey will form part of the evidence used to assess whether the stakeholder relationships, forged during the transition through authorisation, continue to be central to the effective commissioning of services by CCGs, and in doing so, improve quality and outcomes for patients.

Copies of these reports are listed below:

Assurance survey






Please note that NHS England have decided not to commission any further 360 Stakeholder surveys.

Healthwatch organisations help you as a patient or member of the public to have your say about health and social care services they are an independent organisation with statutory powers. The people who make decisions about health and social care in Norfolk have to listen to you through them.

You can become a member of Healthwatch and join the group or you may want to contact them for more information about a particular issue. The service is free.

NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG crosses two counties, so you can contact either Healthwatch Norfolk for those in the Great Yarmouth area or the Healthwatch Suffolk for those in Waveney.

Healthwatch Norfolk

You can visit their website here for more information: and you can leave a review about any health and social care service in Norfolk by clicking on ‘Share your experience.’

Alternatively, you can send them an email at or call them on their Freephone number: 0808 168 9669.

Their offices are based near Wymondham: Suite 6 – Elm Farm, Norwich Common, Norfolk NR18 0SW.

Healthwatch Suffolk

Healthwatch Suffolk has an online engagement tool to help people in Suffolk let health and care bosses know what’s good and what’s bad about health and social care in the county. The Feedback Centre is accessible via a variety of devices including mobile phones, ordinary PCs and tablets. This means that you can easily and anonymously rate the care that you or a friend or family member has received in an engaging and simple way from wherever you are.

Visit the feedback centre now:

For Healthwatch Suffolk visit the Healthwatch Suffolk website or Tel: 01449 703949

The CCG has been working with Healthwatch Suffolk and the other Suffolk CCGs to commission a report 'My health, our future' to understand children and young people's mental health in Suffolk.

Healthwatch Suffolk has information about why children and young people's mental health and emotional wellbeing must remain a priority in Suffolk.

The latest report is available on Healthwatch Suffolk website.


During September and October 2018 the CCG held a number of market place or library events across Great Yarmouth and Waveney to raise awareness of improved access to primary care and reminding them to stay well this winter.

The events were led by CCG staff and gave people the chance to find out more about the national drive to improve access to primary care by offering routine GP appointments in the evenings and at weekends.

In addition, the CCG used the market place events to talk to people about the steps they can take to stay well this winter, as well as offering advice on self-care and the best place to get the right medical help to meet your needs. This includes pharmacists, who can give confidential, expert advice on a range of common illnesses and complaints, and NHS111, which can offer advice 24 hours a day for people who need urgent help but do not need to call 999.

The events took place on:

Monday 1 October, 8am – 2pm, Southwold Market, Market Place

  • Wednesday 3 October, 8am – 2pm, Halesworth Market, Market Place
  • Thursday 4 October, 9.30am – 11.30am, Bungay Library, Wharton Street
  • Friday 12 October, 9.30am – 5.30pm, Lowestoft Library, Clapham Road South
  • Wednesday 17 October, 8am – 4pm, Great Yarmouth Market, Market Place
  • Friday 19 October, 8am -2pm, Beccles Market, Sheepgate

During the six events we spoke to over 200 people and recorded feedback from 77 people.

We talked to people about staying well at winter and improved access to primary care and this is what you told us:

Stay well this winter

This feedback showed us that most people were aware that they could self-care and kept stocked medicines cabinet and had or were planning to have their flu jab. Although a small number told us that they just bought medicine when needed.

Five people told us that they will not have a flu jab, either because it had made them unwell previously or because of negative publicity.

Other comments include:

‘ I use the prescription ordering direct (POD) service provided by the CCG and find this very helpful’

‘I would encourage people to walk more’

72 people told us that they use their pharmacist and are aware that they can get advice and treatment for a range of illnesses and complaints.

People told us that they were aware of the out of hours GP service but only five people told us that they had used the service.

Other comments include:

‘ Not happy that I have to have blood tests at my GP. Need to book an appointment and it is a 45 minute bus journey.’

‘It can be difficult to get an appointment, I came off opioids on my own.’

‘I have started a petition at Bungay surgery to try and get a drop-in blood testing service.’

We spoke to 63 people about GP online but only 13 people told us that they use it.

Other comments include:

‘ I am aware of it but I have the same email address as my husband and they will not allow two people to use the same email address.’

‘I tried to sign up for this but it was extremely complicated.’

‘I use GP online all the time, I can even make appointments when I am on holiday.’

59 people spoke to us about the NHS111 service, 40 people were aware that it was available but 18 people did not know about NHS111.

Other comments include:

‘I found it very helpful but they sent me to A&E which I didn’t think was necessary but there were no GP appointments available.’

‘I don’t like NHS111 it takes too long to get help and they ask too many questions.’

Improved access to primary care

Most people were not aware of the GP appointments that were available through the improved access to primary care scheme. People told us that they thought this was a good idea – particularly for people who worked during the day. One person found out about the scheme and that we had information available and came to get six information sheets for work colleagues.

Other comments include:

‘I was aware of these appointments but I prefer to use daytime appointments because I have poor vision and it is difficult to see when dark.’

‘I didn’t know, this is a great idea for people like me who work in the day.’

‘I wouldn’t use it because it is out of this area’

Next steps:

The market place events were aimed at raising awareness of the stay well this winter messages and the new improved access to primary care scheme. We achieved this by interacting with 200 people across Great Yarmouth and Waveney.

The feedback, both positive and negative, will now be shared with the relevant commissioners across the CCG so that they can use it to help shape services.

The improved access to primary care scheme is a one year pilot and we will be carrying out a full procurement for the service from 2019, the feedback we received was largely positive and people welcomed the new service. Going forward this feedback will be used to help shape the service in the Great Yarmouth and Waveney area.

We work closely with the Great Yarmouth and Waveney Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (HOSC), which meets every two months to scrutinise local health and social care services.

The joint committee is made up of representatives from both Norfolk and Suffolk county councils.

During 2017/18, it reviewed:

  • Our new out of hospital team

  • The ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome service

  • Services for children with autistic spectrum disorder

  • Our annual assurance rating and improvement plan

  • Mental health services, including adult inpatient and dementia diagnosis

  • Care Quality Commission inspections of local GP practices

  • Emergency department performance at the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

  • Phlebotomy services

As a CCG we can also be held to account by Norfolk HOSC and Suffolk HOSC and members of the CCG attend those meetings as required.

Information about Great Yarmouth and Waveney HOSC, when meetings are held, agenda papers and who the members are is available here.

Norfolk Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee is here.

Suffolk Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee is here.