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The CCG does not commission pharmacies, they are independent businesses. But if you’re feeling ill, there may not be a need to go to your doctor when you can talk to your pharmacist. This may be quicker and you won’t need to wait days for an appointment. Pharmacists are trained clinicians who may be able to help you or advise you about treatment or medication.

There are 47 pharmacies within a 10-mile radius of Great Yarmouth, search here. or you can scroll down to view an interactive map of the pharmacies in our area. 

As Great Yarmouth and Waveney falls across two counties we benefit from the guidance of two Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPCs). You can find out more about the work they do by visiting their websites. 

Norfolk LPC

Suffolk LPC  

Bank Holiday Opening hours for your pharmacy

NHS England publishes regular updates please visit their website to confirm details of your local pharmacy opening times.