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Preventing Infection

Surgical gloves

Preventing infections in the community and through hospitals or clinics is one of the most important ways to help us stay well. This may be through having a vaccination to help protect you against a disease, keeping clean and drinking clean water.

Life-saving vaccinations are available through the NHS and we would encourage everyone to make sure they are up to date with their jabs. If you are contacted by us for a vaccination – please take the opportunity to have your vaccination.

There are many vaccinations available from birth, such as the crucial measles, mumps and rubella (German measles) vaccine know as the MMR jab, Tuberculosis (TB) jab, swine flu jab, school leave jab, Human papilloma virus (HPV) cervical cancer vaccine or for seasonal flu.

NHSGYWCCG also fights against the spread of infections such as MRSA or C-Diff by ensuring all our hospitals are clean as well as our equipment and uniforms.

Please help us stop the spread of infections by using the hand gel provided when visiting family or friends in hospital.

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