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Your Medicines,Your NHS

Integrated waste medicines campaign

In March 2016 the five Clinical Commissioning Groups in Norfolk and Waveney, consisting of NHS West Norfolk CCG, NHS South Norfolk CCG, NHS Norwich CCG, NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG and NHS North Norfolk CCG agreed to work together to reduce the amount of waste medicine generated in their areas.

Our campaign is called ‘Your MEDICINES, Your NHS’, and we’d really like your help to spread the word and save some money.

Why do we need a campaign?

Every year in Norfolk and Waveney, an estimated £4.7m is wasted on unnecessary, and unused medicines (based on Department of Health figures for the UK nationally). This excludes the costs of prescribing medicine which could be bought cheaply over the counter and the unnecessary costs of prescribing branded medicines over non branded.

According to figures for last year, we estimate that there was approximately 176 tonnes worth of waste medicine across Norfolk and Waveney in 2015. That’s equivalent to the weight of 176 average Elephants, and costs an estimated £4.7m to the NHS.

This £4.7m wasted on medicine every year in Norfolk and Waveney could be used to fund:

184 more community nurses OR

1270 new hips OR

313 more drug treatment courses for breast cancer OR

47 more GPs

NB based on average costs

The phases of the campaign

The campaign is a year-long campaign starting in June 2016 and will be split into four phases. These are:

1. Open the bag (June – August)

2. Only order what they need (September – November)

3. Ask your pharmacist (December – February)

4. Cost effective medicine (March-May)

Please click on the links above to see the key messages for each phase.

What can you do to help?

Whether you are a member of the public, a carer, care home worker, GP, pharmacist or nurse you can all help. Please have a look at the ‘Things you can do to help’ on the links above.

Supporting the campaign on social media

All of the partner CCGs have their own social media and will be promoting the campaign through their own channels. For links and more information please visit the individual CCG websites:

NHS West Norfolk CCG

NHS South Norfolk CCG

NHS Norwich CCG

NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG

NHS North Norfolk CCG

‘Your MEDICINE, Your NHS’ specific social media

Please follow and engage with us on twitter - @YourMED_YourNHS

We will be using the following hashtags which you can search for on Facebook and Twitter:

Phase 1 - #openthebag

Phase 2 - #onlyorderwhattheyneed

Phase 3 - #askyourpharmacist

Phase 4 - #costeffectivemedicine


We will be launching our campaign through ‘Thunderclap’. Thunderclap is a platform which enables us to maximise the impact of the campaign launch.

If you or your organisation has a Facebook or Twitter account please follow the link and pledge your support.

We need at least 100 pledges for this to work so please encourage your friends/partners and colleagues to sign up too.

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