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The team at NHSGYWCCG pride themselves on listening to their patients or their carers so that we can be assured that their views are considered in depth, and lie at the heart of our commissioning decisions. There are many ways that you can get involved and have your say:

Join your local GP Surgery’s Patient Participation Group (PPG)
The groups allow patients to get involved and make their voices heard about healthcare in their area. Patients meet regularly and are able to feedback their thoughts about healthcare direct to health professionals. So by joining a group, through your doctor’s surgery, you will be able to take more responsibility for your health and the decisions that are made about care for all patients. Improving communication between the practice, the patients and the community is also a part of the work of the group.

PPGs are recognised nationally as a significant way of engaging patients and involving people in local healthcare decision-making. More information on the National Association of Patient Participation is available here.

The majority of the practices in the Great Yarmouth and Waveney area have PPGs attached to their GP surgeries. If you want to join, ask at your GP practice for the dates of their meetings. Every two months the PPG Forum is held which brings representatives from all the PPGs together to discuss local health issues.

If your practice does not have a PPG please contact Lorraine Rollo, Head of Communications and Engagement, 01502 719582 or

Join your local Healthwatch

Find out more about your local Healthwatch organisation on our Healthwatch page.

Join the Great Yarmouth and Waveney Patient Advisory Group (GYWPAG)
The GYWPAG is a local voluntary group that works closely with the CCG to give us the patient perspective on local health issues. Many of its members are involved in a number of other patients groups including local Healthwatch organisations.

For more information contact Jean Macheath on 01986 873172 or email:

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