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Healthwatch organisations help you as a patient or member of the public to have your say about your health and social care services.

You can become a member of Healthwatch and join the group or you may want to contact them for more information about a particular issue. The service is free.

NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG crosses two counties, so there are two Healthwatch organisations you may contact. Either Healthwatch Norfolk for those in the Great Yarmouth area or the Healthwatch Suffolk for those in Waveney.

Healthwatch Norfolk

Healthwatch Norfolk is the local consumer champion for health and social care in the county. Formed in April 2013, as a result of the Health and Social Care Act, they are an independent organisation with statutory powers. The people who make decisions about health and social care in Norfolk have to listen to you through them.

You can visit their website here for more information: and you can leave a review about any health and social care service in Norfolk by clicking on ‘Share your experience.’

Alternatively, you can send them an email at: or call them on their Freephone number: 0808 168 9669.

Their offices are based near Wymondham: Suite 6 – Elm Farm, Norwich Common, Norfolk NR18 0SW.

Healthwatch Suffolk

Healthwatch Suffolk gives people in Suffolk real influence over decisions about health and care services in the county. Created to gather and represent the views of the public, Healthwatch is an important body that aims to strengthen the public’s voice in health and care services.

Healthwatch Suffolk has an online engagement tool to help people in Suffolk let health and care bosses know what’s good and what’s bad about health and social care in the county. The Feedback Centre is accessible via a variety of devices including mobile phones, ordinary PCs and tablets. This means that you can easily and anonymously rate the care that you or a friend or family member has received in an engaging and simple way from wherever you are.

Visit the feedback centre now:


For Healthwatch Suffolk visit the Healthwatch Suffolk website or Tel: 01449 703949

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