Youth Health Matters

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How to access Healthcare

GP services

GPs look after the health of people in their local community and deal with a whole range of health problems. They also provide health education, offer advice on smoking and diet, run clinics, give vaccinations and carry out simple surgical operations. You can register with a GP practice of your choice, as long as you live within its catchment area and it is accepting new patients. Visits to the surgery are free. For more information on this visit the NHS Choices website on GP services, how to register and how to find the right GP for you.

Dental services

Everyone should be able to access good-quality NHS dental services. There is no need to register with a dentist in the same way as with a GP because you are not bound to a catchment area. Simply find a dental practice that's convenient for you, whether it's near your home or work, and phone them to see if any appointments are available. If you do not have a regular dental service or are new to the area, you can search for a dental surgery near you.

Eyecare services

A ophthalmic practitioner will check the quality of your vision and eye health. It is recommended that you visit an eyecare service for a sight test every two years, or sooner if you've been asked to do so. Find an optician near you.

For any other Healthcare services you'd like information on, visit the NHS Choices website where they explain all NHS services.

Get your rights

Get your rights website gives you information about your rights when making decisions and choices about your healthcare. The National Children's Bureau (NCB) is a leading charity that for 50 years has been improving the lives of children and young people, especially the most vulnerable. They work with children and for children, to influence government policy, be a strong voice for young people and practitioners, and provide creative solutions on a range of social issues.

Have your say when the NHS makes decisions about care in your local area.

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