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Find out how to get involved and make your voice heard about healthcare in your area.

Contact Community Action Suffolk's Young People's Health Ambassador.

Why should young people get involved?

CCG stands for Clinical Commissioning Group. A CCG is responsible for buying health services for their local area. For example NHS Great Yarmouth and Waveney CCG give a certain amount of money each year to the James Paget hospital to fund the services they provide. The CCG is funded by the NHS which gets its money from public taxes. This means that when the CCG has to be accountable to the public for the money that they spend so they have to make their finances public every year so that people can find out what their tax money is being spent on.

Younger people should get involved in the CCG because they could help shape future health services and help make them a better experience for later on in life. It also offers loads of opportunities for jobs later on in life as you have had some experience in the CCG’S work. If young people do get involved they could put it on their CV which would give the employer a good impression because he/she knows you have done voluntary work previously.

CCG’s are important because without them the money for our local NHS services wouldn’t be spent on the services that are needed most... This is because there wouldn’t be local involvement and it would be harder to know what the local area really needed. It is a lot easier to know what health services an area needs if you are living in it and using the local services.

I think that all ages should get involved with their local CCG as they cannot just make a difference in the long run but can help change their health services now.

Another way young people can get involved is to volunteer for Health watch. As a volunteer you can gather people’s views, visit health and social care services, and represent the local community on boards and the committees. The advantages of being a Health Watch volunteer is you get to find out about people’s views and information, about health and social care services in your area, also you get to represent your local community.

This piece was written by a Year 10 work experience student who spent a week at the CCG.

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